Glamtech One Left-handed Scissors


Left-handed styling, at the right price.


Popular with students, aspiring styling stars, hairdressers, and barbers alike, the Glamtech One Left-handed scissor has grown to become a trusted companion to lefty stylists across Europe.

If you started hairdressing or barbering in the UK after 2006, there is a strong chance that the first cuts you made were with a Glamtech One. This industry classic has been completely redesigned to unleash the creative potential of the next generation of stylists.

Expertly forged, the Glamtech One’s heat-treated steel has an increased carbon content, providing a sharper edge and a longer-lasting, crisper, and overall more trustworthy cut.

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The ultimate upgrade. An affordable price.

One of the UK’s best-selling hairdressing scissors, the Glamtech One is perfect for year one training. Top-quality materials are used to guarantee a long life and super-sharp razor edges ensure an accurate, straight cut – every time.

Standout features:

  • Affordable quality for students
  • Brand-new design for the class of 2021
  • Pure, stainless steel
  • Razor edge perfect for slice cutting and advanced styling techniques
  • Removable finger rest
  • Level set straight scissor
  • The Glamtech One comes with a selection of coloured finger rings

A new hammer stopper where the blades’ finger rings meet creates a softer impact on the stylist’s hand when using the Glamtech One Left-handed Scissors, reducing vibration and greatly enhancing the satisfying feel and the flow of the cut.

Available with a bevelled razor’s edge for slice cutting and advanced techniques, or a serrated edge with extra grip and minimal maintenance, the Glamtech One is designed with every stylist in mind.

With sizes ranging from 5” to 7” and three left-handed and texturising models, the Glamtech One triumphantly remains the most comprehensive and complete cutting range in the market, even after 15 years.

Also available in a right-handed model.

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