Ultra Ceramic


You need to feel it to believe it! For the first time you can experience the ultra sharp and controlled feel of cutting with ceramic and the tough reassurance of steel simultaneously. Cannot be shattered or chipped like regular ceramic blades. The new Ultra is a high grade Hitachi steel scissor coated with a super fine layer of polished transparent ceramic. The ceramic leading edge of the blade slices into each hair with acute precision leaving the polished steel to power through the cut. The result is a cut that feels different… in a very good way! A perfect straight cut through to the very tip and a control on the hair that you have never experienced before. Just feel it! Supplied with luxury scissor and tool wallet suitable for 2 scissors, combs and accessories.  Available in 5.75″ and 6.25″

5.75″ EAN: 5060143203930

6.25″ EAN: 5060143204487

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