Glamtech One Scissors


5″ EAN: 5060143203039

5.5″ EAN: 5060143203046 

6″ EAN: 5060143203053 

6.5″ EAN: 5060143203176

7″ EAN: 5060143203183

THINNER EAN: 5060143203060



Glamtech One is one of the UK’s best selling hairdressing scissors. This is Glamtech’s student scissor, perfect for year one training. Top quality materials are used to guarantee a long life of use. Super sharp razor edges mean an accurate straight cut- every time.

Also available in a set here.

And in a matching thinner (or select thinner option at checkout)

  • Stainless steel
  • Razor edge perfect for slice cutting and advanced techniques
  • Removable finger rest
  • Comes with a selection of different colour finger rings
  • Level set straight scissor
  • Perfect for students

Glamtech One scissors are perfect for students, barbers or as a backup tool set.  Glamtech One Scissors are made from excellent quality stainless steel scissor is available with razor edge and also available with a serrated edge.  Spare coloured finger rings to prevent students or stylists mixing up scissors with their colleagues.  Glamtech One Scissors have a razor edge perfect for slice cutting and chopping into the hair.  Glamtech One Thinner is also available.  Featuring 40 V teeth for perfect grip on the hair with clean cut and no pulling.  Available in a selection of sizes.

Glamtech One scissors and thinner set is also available and is perfect for career progression. Top quality materials are used to guarantee a long life of use. Glamtech One scissors have a super sharp razor edges mean an accurate straight cut- every time.  This awesome value set is perfect for stylists starting their careers, or a great back up set for more experienced stylists.

The Glamtech One Scissors range was launched in 2013 and immediately became one of the best selling scissor ranges in the UK.  Tens of thousands of students have started their career with Glamtech One scissors and thinning scissors.  Thousands of barbers are fans of Glamtech One Scissors, especially in large sizes.  Glamtech One offers incredible value with solid reliability on a classic scissor design.  Glamtech one is a traditional straight scissor (often described as level set).  This design is popular but Glamtech One Ergo is also available if an offset, ergonomic option is preferred.  Glamtech one are available in a wide range of sizes and variations including scissor and thinner sets.  Glamtech offer a simple guide to choosing the best hairdressing scissors.  This covers size, shape, blade type and all aspects of hairdressing scissors.

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Glamtech One scissor and thinner set