Thinners are an important tool in a hairdressers armoury. It is important to get it right when it comes to choosing the best thinners for you. That’s why we have put together a little guide on our range of thinners to help you make an informed decision.

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Glamtech One Thinner  this is one of our straight handled thinners designed to give students a great start in their hairdressing career. Featuring snag-free texturising, and two spare pairs of coloured finger rings, this is an unbeatable way for students to get started.


Glamtech One Ergo Thinner – this is one of our offset handle thinners designed to give students a great start in their hairdressing career, but with a little more comfort from the ergonomic handle position. Featuring the same snag-free texturising, and two spare pairs of coloured finger rings as the Glamtech One thinner.


EVS Steel – This is a redesign of our classic EVS thinner with a straight handle position. This thinner is Japanese steel alloy with gold screw and finger rest. The V-teeth hold the hair firmly and allow no catching or pulling for a perfect smooth release. This is available a set with a wallet, scissor oil, with both razor edge hairdressing scissor and thinners.

Glamtech-EVO-Steel-5 thinners

EVO Steel – This is one of our thinners featuring the offset handle position. Featuring the same gold finger rest and screw of the EVS steel, and the same V-teeth, but a more ergonomic feel for increased comfort and decreased strain. This is also available as a set with a wallet, oil and both razor edged hairdressing scissor and matching thinners.

Glamtech-EVO-Black thinners

EVO Black – This has the same features and ergonomic offset position as the EVO steel, allowing increased comfort and decreased strain, but is finished with a stylish permanent black coating, which is set off beautifully by the gold screw and finger rest detail. The V-teeth enable  snag-free and smooth texturising and thinning of the hair. Available as a set featuring a wallet, scissor oil, and both EVO Black hairdressing scissor and EVO Black thinners.


Pro Thinner – No gimmicks and pure style. This thinner is all quality with no fuss. Clean lines and ergonomic cutting position allows supreme comfort. The Pro Thinner is hand crafted and heat treated in a superb grade of Japanese steel to allow for lasting precision of the 35 V-teeth to ensure you always get a smooth cut – even through thick sections of hair, with no pulling or catching whatsoever. Available as a set with a wallet, scissor oil, and both the Pro Scissor in 5″/5.5″/6″, and the Pro Thinners. Highly recommended.

Glamtech-Pro-Red thinners

Pro RED Thinner – As with the Pro Steel thinner, this thinner is no gimmicks and all style. Quality wipe clean Marsala Red permanent finish for extra style points. This features the same body shape as the Pro steel – this means you get comfort from the ergonomic, offset  handle position, and the same smooth cut from the 35 V-teeth. Also available as a set with a wallet, scissor oil, and both the Pro RED scissor and the Pro RED thinners.

SP Thinners

SP Thinner – Glamtech’s finest thinning scissor. As with the entire SP range, years of experience go into hand crafting these serious professional thinners for serious professional stylists. A robust 30-tooth thinner with exceptionally smooth, luxurious performance. High grade heat treated Japanese steel guarantees you a long lasting ultra smooth cut with zero pulling or catching of the hair. We are proud of this one, and you will be too. Comes with a luxury scissor wallet with enough room for storing a hairdressing scissor, your SP thinners, a couple of combs, and accessories.

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