Tweezers Precision  –  which is the best one for you?

This is our guide on how to choose the tweezers precision. For a simple tool, there is a lot to think about when you want to choose the best tweezers precision.


In order to cRed straight close up choose slanted tip tweezers precisonhoose the best tweezers precision, it is wise to start at the beginning. Not the most obvious thing to consider, but very important; what material are the tweezers made of? Available in other metals such as nickel, the best idea is to choose stainless steel – this is non-allergenic, and easy to maintain hygiene with. Other materials can risk irritating the skin.

Different tips for different purposes – Straight vs Slanted vs Pointed 

When you choose best eyebrow tweezer you need the correct tip for the job. There are many different tips available, but the most common are slanted tip twezeers, pointed tip tweezers, and straight tip tweezers. They each have advantages and disadvantages.

tweezer tip type choose pointed tweezers precisionStraight tip 

These are best eyebrows tweezers if you have lots of hair to remove – e.g. bikini line, very thick eyebrows. The straight tip allows more hair to be plucked, quicker. It provides a nice firm grip without breaking the hair. Also useful for putting on fake eyelashes.

Pointed tip

Best for precision plucking. The fine point allows the removal of a single hair with accuracy. Best for detailed eyebrow shaping, and removal of splinters from the skin.

Slanted tip

A good general purpose tweezer that offers a good compromise between precision and speedy plucking. Because of the angle on the tip, it can be rotated to allow point first plucking, or so the whole tip grabs hair. Slanted tip tweezers are the most common type.

If you want to be covered for all three applications, get a triple pack here and never be without the right tweezers for the job.


Whatever tip you use, it is very important to keep all hair removal tweezers sterile and clean ready for the next use. It is best practice after every applicatioBlue tweezer close up choose best slanted tip tweezer precisionn to wipe the tip with alcohol using a cotton ball. If the tweezer tip has been in contact with blood (after removing a splinter for example), place the tweezer in boiling water for approximately 5 minutes, before drying and rubbing with alcohol as before. This will ensure no infections are spread. Ideally you should have a dedicated tweezer for facial areas, one for bikini line/body hair, and a separate one for your first aid kit for medical applications.

StorageGlamtech-Triple-Tweezer-Pack-choose best slanted tip tweezers precision

Many people toss their tweezer in their make up bag where it is likely to rub around with other cosmetic items. This is bad for two reasons:

  • One: It increases the risk of infection due to chemical substances from make-up coming into close contact with the skin/open follicles after plucking
  • Two: It blunts the tip more quickly, decreasing the useful lifespan of the product. A blunt tip can break or bend hairs, or simply not pluck at all.

It is best to store your tweezers point up in a small container, or in a storage pouch.

For a handy alternative solution, get a tweezers magnet here – Grab ’em, Use ’em, Never lose ’em! 

UsageWhite tweezer close up choose best slanted tip tweezers precison

There is unfortunately no way to avoid discomfort when plucking, but to minimize it as best as you can, always pluck with the grain of the hair for less resistance, and after a hot bath or shower when your follicles have loosened.

For more ways to use your tweezers check out this article


choose best slanted tip tweezers precision

We have a couple of special tweezers you wont find anywhere else.

Introducing Twin Tweeze – a double ended tweezer that offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to plucking. One end gives you the precision of a pointed tweezer, and the other end, the flexibility of a slanted. Proven to be a big hit, and absolutely ideal for reshaping, or maintaining eyebrows.

choose best slanted tip tweezers precision

Browcomb Tweezers have the same flexible accuracy of a slanted tip tweezer and one additional smart feature – an eyebrow comb to both smooth and prepare brows for plucking. Also for chaps – very good for moustaches so we have heard.


The best bit! Everyone has a different preference for colour or pattern, and fortunately there are so many variations to choose best tweezer from. Everything from skulls, right the way through to heart print. We have a selection with gems for those that like extra bling , and plain for understated individuals.


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