When it comes to hair shears, there are many different factors to consider when it comes to selecting a suitable hair shears. Obviously quality is important, as is price, but how cool are your hair shears? Hairdressers work to make clients look good, so it is only natural that hairdressers look good as well.  Cool hair shears will help make you stand out in the salon and give you the confidence in your ability.

We have a selection of different hair shears, but here are our coolest and most unique.

TatsuTatsu hair shears – this is our premium hair shears, handmade using the finest ATS 314 Japanese steel and tested rigorously to absolutely ensure perfection. Any that do not meet our strict standards do not make the cut – if you will excuse the pun. This model boasts silky smooth cutting action and enough style to make this one of the best looking hair shears money can buy. This is down to the detail – a dragon skin effect handle, with an ornamental screw, and a sleek shape that simply oozes cool. A favourite of many stylists. Recommended.

ultra rose gold hair shears

Ultra Ceramic Rose Gold – a surprise favourite amongst our customers! This is one of our hair shears that regularly sells out due to its global appeal, a simple and powerful body shape with mountain back blade finished with a luxurious and classy rose gold coating. We think it sits on the right side of bling. In addition to its fine looks, this hair shears boasts another reason for including in our coolest hair shears list – an innovative and patented ceramic edge on the leading blade. This gives you incredible grip on the hair which allows such precision in the cut you won’t quite believe it. A worthy and world-beating hair shears for any fashion-conscious stylist worth their salt.

neon range hair shears

Neons – This hip little range allows the stylist to choose their favourite distinctive colour from a possible four, all of which have been selected especially to allow lasting appeal. Perfect for summer, and all year round. Available in neon pink, neon green, neon red, and neon purple, each one of these hair shears never fails to inspire comments! Extremely fun, and a little bit of a throwback to the 80’s. A handy back up hair shears, or a great way to start for students!

Two White – lastly but by no means least in our list, we can’t very well discuss which is the coolest hairshears

two white hair shearswithout including our Two White model. Cool in an understated way, this model has been carefully crafted with style in mind, inspired by a look back at art-deco with a nod towards the future as well. The minimalist white finish is permanent and wipe-clean, and allows the stylist to project their inner calm and acknowledge their ambition in the future of the industry. This truly is the wildcard choice of coolest hair shears, beloved by male and female stylists alike. We have had a surprising amount of feedback on this scissor, and its something of a favourite in the office as well.

Well, there you have it – now you have read our list, which do you think is the coolest hair shears?

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