Tool Belt Pouch for Hair cutting tools

TLEATHER-POUCH-DETAIL-1-tool belt pouch hair cutting toolsool belts and pouches are a staple item in a hairdresser or barbers arsenal for storing all hair cutting tools. When you need all your gear to hand its perfect for allowing you to switch out your scissors for some thinners, grab some clips, retrieve a comb and generally be more efficient and quicker, and we all know that time, as they say, is money.

When it comes to toolbelts and pouches, ideally it is a perfect marriage of form and function. You want something that is robust and rugged enough to work as hard as you when it comes to putting in the hours on the salon floor – that makes you look good to boot. With this in mind, we have a concise range inspired by the best handymen in the business.

You like minimalism but still want quality? Check. We have a black toolbelt that is just for you.Glamtech-Black-Tool belt pouch hair cutting tools

This is our best selling tool belt that combines practicality and style. With room for all scissors, clips, combs and hair cutting tools as well as a secure zip wallet for your cash – everything is catered for. Hand stitched in hard wearing, easy clean leatherette the belt will serve you faithfully and elegantly.

Fits any size waist
from 61cm (24”)
to 102cm (40”)


Glamtech-Black-Leather-Pouch Tool belt pouch hair cutting toolsToo bulky? How about our black leather pouch?

We combined a popular pouch with our national love of designer handbags to create a handmade work of envy. It is hard to beat the smell and feel of beautiful soft leather and investing in one of these is something you will never regret. Flap removes with steel poppers for fast access. Space for all hair cutting tools.

Measurements: Fits any size waist up to 102cm (40”)

Pouch height: 20cm
Pouch width: 16cm




 Like the look of the black leather pouch but want more… bling?Glamtech-Black-Diamond-Pouch Tool belt pouch hair cutting tools

With room for up to six scissors, a selection of combs and clips our diamond pouch is practical and handy of course – but that is easily forgotten in the wake of the unapologetic bling. Hand stitched in durable, easy clean leatherette and with a super durable fixed belt, this pouch will house and protect your tools safely. Flap removes with steel poppers for fast access.

Measurements: Fits any size waist up to 102cm (40”)
Pouch height: 20cm
Pouch width: 16cm



Glamtech-Black-Leather-Leopard-Pouch-Closed hair cutting toolsThat’s nice, but I’m much more sassy that that. What else have you got?

Featuring the same beautiful craftsmanship as our black tool belt pouch, this little beauty really takes first prize. Finished in black on black leopard print effect, this takes an old staple and throws it headlong into contemporary style for a timeless piece that helps you put the style in stylist. Great for those with sass, lovers of trends, and stylists that when it comes down to it, they just want to get the job done looking on point.

Flap removes with steel poppers for fast access.

Measurements: Fits any size waist up to 102cm (40”)

Pouch height: 20cm
Pouch width: 16cm


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