Ceramic offers many benefits over steel when it comes to blades and edges. Especially in ceramic hairdressing shears.

In the past however, ceramic hairdressing shears have been easily damaged or chipped when dropped. Not any more!

Glamtech-ultra-6.25-handle ceramic hairdressing shears

Ultra Ceramic 6.25″ Steel Scissor

Advancements in technology give you the astonishing Glamtech Ultra. This patented new technology coats the leading edge of the steel blade with an ultra fine layer of transparent ceramic. This allows a grip hair like no other. The ceramic slices through the hair in a perfectly straight cut, leaving the steel to power through. It feels different – unlike any cut you have felt before. Because only a fine edge is covered in ceramic, it is much less susceptible to damage or chips from dropping.

ceramic hairdressing scissors ceramic hairdressing shears

Ultra Ceramic Blade Diagram

ceramic hairdressing scissors ceramic hairdressing shears

Ultra Rose Gold

The blade will stay sharper for longer, for ultra precision due to the unbeatable sharpness and control of ceramic. The shear itself is made in high grade Hitachi steel for toughness and durability. Optimised and tested for comfort, Ultra offers a noticeable reduction in fatigue in the wrists and hands. Offset handles are in the perfect place to allow the most comfort whilst working. With Ultra you get both a supreme cut and outstanding comfort. Featuring a super smooth screw for custom tension. Each Ultra also comes with a luxury scissor wallet with space for storing your shears, a couple of combs, shear oil, and accessories.

Comes in either a natural steel finish in 5.75″ or 6.25″ or in a stunning (and very popular) limited edition rose gold finish in 5.75″.

Both have proven popular with customers who are raving about them.

Glamtech-Premium-Ultra-5 ceramic hairdressing shears

Ultra Ceramic in 5.75″

ultra-rose-gold-main ceramic hairdressing shears

Ultra Ceramic Rose Gold in 5.75″

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