Big Scissors – a guide.

With the boom of the male grooming industry, there has been increased popularity of  barbershops and the services of a barber. Many new barbers are picking up their scissors to begin a satisfying and creative career behind the chair. It is wise to pay attention to the gear that your success and the happiness of your client hinges on. Scissors (shears in USA) are very important to get right. Over on our guide on how to choose the best hairdressing scissor, much of the advice there is applicable to barbers. But the article that follows is specifically geared towards barbers, and those that are seeking big sizes of scissor.

We will cover the advantages of having a big scissor, what to look for in a scissor anatomy, and run through some of what we think are the best big scissors for barbers.

Is bigger better?

The size of the stylists hands will play a large part in what size scissors are best suited for comfortable cutting.  Males, on average have larger hands, and therefore more likely to find larger sizes comfortable – finger holes should be the correct proportion to allow easy holding of the scissors with no friction on the fingers, but tight enough that the scissors are stable in the hand.

  • Another reason some stylists use larger sizes, is the type of application the scissors will be used for. For example barbers will opt for big scissors, as they use techniques such as cutting over the comb- the blades need to be long enough to rest in alignment with the comb.
  • The larger the blade is, the more cutting area there is in contact with the hair. This means more hair is taken with each snip – or to put it another way – big scissors equal quicker haircuts. Time is money.
Glamtech-one-5.5inch-scissor-angle-big scissors

Glamtech One 6″ Scissor

Glamtech One.

Glamtech One scissor and thinner set

One Scissor and Thinner Set

This is a perfect big scissor for starters. It is a straight handled scissor, for ease of use and simplicity. Razor edges allow easy slice cutting. Glamtech One offers the training barber incredible value and good build quality, and a smooth cut that will let you learn the ropes without any technical hitches or equipment failure. Catering for all larger sizes 6″/6.5″/7″ (and everything under that also), this is a great entry point into the world of barbering. Comes with two spare pairs of coloured finger rings for easy identification in salons. It is easy to see why this is quite possibly the best selling hairdressing scissor in the UK.

Thousands have started their careers with Glamtech One – what else needs to be said. For quality, value, and style it is unbeatable.

glamtech-one-ergo-scissor-6-inch big scissors

Glamtech One Ergo

This scissor is also available in serrated in 6″, in 6″ scissor/thinner sets and serrated 6″ scissor/thinner sets.

Glamtech One Ergo. 

Featuring the same value and smooth cut as the standard straight handled Glamtech One, the Ergo is refined and tested for comfort and reduced strain. As a barber standing cutting hair all day, you don’t want to have tired, aching hands as well as sore feet! That’s where the Glamtech One Ergo can help you. Offset handles are specially placed in the optimum position to reduce strain. See below for more offset big scissors. Start as you mean to go on and get going with a pair of Ergos.

Absolutely perfect for barbers starting their career. Although available in 5″/5.5 as well, the 6″ is the reason to include it in our list of big scissors.

Straight Vs Offset

  • Glamtech-one-scissor-large-angle

    Straight Handle Position

    The main layouts of scissor handle are straight scissors (also known as ‘level set ’, ‘level scissors’ or ‘even handle’) and offset scissors


    Offset Handle Position

    Straight scissors are a traditional layout with finger and thumb holes set in a straight, level line. With offset scissors thumb hole is moved inwards towards the screw of scissor.

  • In UK hairdressing straight scissors are often popular with barbers. They are often supplied in college kits to hairdressing students in their hairdressing kits. A straight scissor is a more basic design with which hair stylist’s elbow works from a higher position. 
  • An offset scissor enables hairdresser’s elbow to work in a lower and more natural position.  This reduces risks of RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (see video below for demonstration). 
  • The main thing if you want to choose best scissors is to choose a scissor that feels comfortable.
PRO-55-PSD Glamtech pro big scissors

Glamtech Pro Steel

Glamtech Pro Steel

Glamtech-pro-red-set big scissors

Pro Red Set

Glamtech-pro-set big scissors

Pro Steel Set

Jumping up a level – perfect for your first upgrade when you qualify, or if you already have and want to own a super-smooth, high quality scissor that won’t let you down – cut after cut after cut. Glamtech One shines as a training scissor, but with Pro, the clue is in the name. A lovely pleasing weight meets a satisfying smooth action, making every snip a pleasure. Style is stand out, with an inspired nod to Japanese tradition; clean lines and simplicity.

Offset handles make for a comfortable working performance, and the steel is heat treated to prolong its sharpness. Simply put – a barber with one of these big scissors at his side could do a lot worse. Suits all cutting styles, excelling at modern techniques such as slice cutting.

A really solid scissor that won’t break the bank. Get it in 6″ if you prefer big scissors, but it is available in 5″/5.5″ and also 5.5″ in red teflon. Sets available for both finishes. We think the sets make a great gift for the stylist or barber in your life.


SP Sword

SP Sword.

Once again a jump in quality. If you want to be that barber equipped with one of the best of loads of possible big scissors out there – this is it. SP Sword. Designed for barbers primarily this is a set of big bold blades that cut as good as they look. Very good. No – BETTER. Years of experience go into handcrafting these, and in fact SP Sword is a refinement of an old classic that was popular for over ten years. Experience and manufacturing techniques have advanced and allowed us to create what we believe is one of the strongest big scissors out there. Featuring its signature and distinctive powerful mountain back blade, it offers a beautiful razor sharp cut that lasts. It also rocks a clever little tension screw that allows you to get just the right amount of tension in the blades without even needing a tool or screwdriver.


This is an all-time favourite remixed for a contemporary new breed of barbers. Smooth power and a fine edge. Available in 6″ and 6.5″.


SP Classic

SP Classic.

In the same range as the SP Sword, the Classic is a different approach to the question – what makes an exceptional hairdressing scissor? Classic is a medium-weight offset scissor optimised for minimsing strain and maximising comfort during use. This focus on performance hasn’t come at the cost of style however – Classic by name classic by nature – the classic scissor aesthetics have been tuned to perfection here, so although you won’t see gimmicky features or unnecessary bells and whilstles, you will find a professional looking tool, for professionals.

Rapidly becoming a best-seller. Available in 5.5″ and 6″ – perfect if you are looking for big scissors that are up to the job.


Ultra Ceramic in 6.25″

Ultra Ceramic.


Ultra Ceramic Rose Gold

Cream of the crop. You have reached the upper echelon of barbering equipment. Ultra Ceramic offers a whole new way to cut and looks damned good doing it. Featuring a fine layer of ceramic across the leading edge of the blade, grip on the hair is unrivaled and the powerful Hitachi steel pushes through for a super accurate cut that allows demanding or precise styles to be crafted with ease. Patented new innovation aside, what you have on your hands here is a winning scissor that excels in every aspect when put to the test by barbers. The 6.25″ steel model makes short work of any cut, and its smaller younger sister model – the ultra ceramic 5.75″ in rose gold (also availabel in steel finish) is a good companion scissor.


You have to feel it to experience it! We are confident this is a smart investment for any barber that has pride in their work.

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